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National Association for the Advancement of White People       est.October,2009

Without a doubt,me and this site will be branded as racist and worse! why? Because it is run by a white person and the rest of the world knows that all us white people are bigots,racist,redneck trailer trash and hillbilly meth smokers! The world claims all we do is sit around drawing unemployment getting fat and spend our time whining about illegals!

I am tired of all the crap that is being pushed on the White man,aka the caucasian race. These days the blame for all that is wrong with the world is blamed on whites and no one says a damn thing about it!

We are branded as racist,bigots,trailer trash,redneck hillbillies,dopers,meth-heads and more and those that say these words get away with it...BUT if a White person uses a negative description for another color or race then everyone jumps on us as being such terrible people.


When I started NAAWP I did it as more of a joke,a way to piss off uptight morons. I never really spent much time on the site but lately (11/2012) the white race has become a punching bag for a lot of people that hate Caucasions!.Now a white person can call someone (Obama) incompetent and lazy and that white person is labeled a racist and a bigot! In my opinion...Obama is incompetent at his job as president and there is nothing racist in that.

With white people rapidly descending into minority status, will we see a rise in racially conscious white groups. As a future member of the white minority I believe we should start now. We should fight to gain equal rights with the other minority groups with the hope that in the future all races, not only the Caucasian race will be equal...
The caucasian race has been put down,insulted,ignored for far to long!

Anytime a white person stands up for their rights they are labeled as a racist a bigot or even just a redneck or even trailer trash.

Here at NAAWP we believe that we have the same rights as all humans of race or color!

We white people have the same rights to claim without the real racists and bigots coming down on us!!

NAAWP is not a site promoting 'White is right' or 'White only'  No,we want the same rights and respect and equality that all other races recieve.

What we want

A White Pride day
A White history month

A White Chamber of Commerce

A White Advocacy Group
A National Association for the Advancement of White People

A WET:White Entertainment Television channel

A Congressional Caucasian Caucus


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