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the American Independence Movement

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Change is on the Way.

I was never into Politics until about 8 years or so ago and I became curious while on Facebook.
As time passed and Obama was elected maybe because he promised he would change America! He never really went into how he would change America,but everybody hoped it be for the better. Boy were we wrong!!
Obama has changed America making it worse for all Americans.
I started posting my opinions on Fb and lately FB has removed dome of my posts and informed me that I was a bad,bad boy!
Well....Fuck fb. I have returned to this site I had built to play with. Upon returning to  this site I discovered that someone had hacked the site whatever.......Data and info has been removed. Ok....I'm pissed and this sleeping dog is awake and ready to bite someone !!!

Many changes of AIM

FB and who screwed with my site , I have  put on notice you want a fight ? Let's get it on ! I will pretty much have to rebuild from the ground up....I got things to say and I will be heard ! It will take a little time  but comment boxes will be added and much more.



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